Sunday, September 28, 2008

Joyous Saturday..

Well, it was joyous as I got a new phone after the previous one had accidentally fallen into the toilet bowl and the man at the service center had declared my nokia phone BRAIN DEAD. It was not even 3 months old that time, what a sad loss.

But as the old saying goes, if the old one doesnt leave, the new one wont come to you..After 6 months, which was yesterday, YAY, I went to Sunway Pyramid -to be more specifically, Sony Ericsson certified service center to survey which phone was suitable.

I must say that the staffs there were quite helpful and patience as he carefully asked what was my budget and phone which I was seeking for..
Finally, after having hand contact with K810 which was too bulky, and K(dont know what model already, which it didnt have flash, which meant i couldnt take nice photos at night), so I had chosen K770i.

erm, I havent got the chance to upload the photo here.. but it will be soon.. As this is the first time I am using Sony Ericsson's phone, I need some time to get used to it with all those functions and keypad.. somehow it is different from nokia.. but hope it is resistant towards mechanical abrasion and tension? ahem.. as I might drop the phone on the floor.. hope it is hard enough..

It is 3.2 megapixels phone with 3G services and in coincidence I passed by a Maxis service center, so I got my phone activated with 3G service.. so anyone who wish to try out 3G, can video conference with me? haha..

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir dan Batin.. ISH, If I am wrong, then sorry larh..

Friday, September 26, 2008


Finally back at home as I will be having a week of holiday in conjunction with Hari Raya Aidilfitri.. Phew.. It feels great to be home only when there is people at home, if not, I will be rotting all the way.. I felt so much like going home on Thursday night..

Ok, let me bring you all back to Thursday night..
Bee Hua is my coursemate from Kelantan, she speaks a little bit of KelantaE..

Ok, she came and asked me to go for BSMM duty that day, well , I said ok without thinking much..

Next, we went down together to the BSMM room.. There was a guy waiting also.. waiting to duty.. his first sentence ,"you all are dental students ah?" We nodded and continued to wait.

So, here comes Brian (the person -in -charge to open the room for us to go in), so the door opened and we got inside and took our seat..This had yet to be the main point yet..

So, that guy also sat down opposite , facing us.. Ok here it started..
While Bee Hua and I were looking at our books, suddenly, "Hai, 你们好..."=.-
Now let me introduce this guy, if you all in UKM, sure you will know this guy, Trevor Chan from Fac of medicine.. bespectacled, rounded face.. ok i shall stop on his appearance..

We were like .. "What were he doing??" Below were our conversation--
Trevor- T, Bee Hua-B, Me-A
T: 我在想一个好的开场白,Hai是最好了.. 你们好啊。。

B and A: DENG... @@


B and A: DENG DENG... #.#

B: 她叫慧贞.


T: 你们两个一定是stpm的叻?你们看起来很成熟叻。。

B and A:我们不是stpm的。。 (虽然我是,可是美华不是)



B and A:_._T:你看你看,笑了。。



B and A:(头低低,不知所措。。)


A: 你不是要读书的啊。。还不读?
B and A: (没有理他)
B and A: +.+
。。。。。。。。 OK 啦,你现在来啊。。BYE
so, when C just stepped in not even 10minutes, Trevor left the room by saying, "我要出去一下,很快回来。。"
when he was back, the clock showed 2230..

In conclusion, this was a nice scene.. for the audience, but not to us...end story, if you happen to meet Trevor Chan or bump into him in school, beware.. of his Friendliness...


Other than the incident above, I tried to read up Periodontal Ligament, and tooth eruption on that night.. I did not know why, I couldn't get a word into my memory sac, I felt so irritated but I did not know what to do.. again MANG ZHANG -ness dropped by and visited me..
Feeling miserably, luckily Bee Hua sort of calmed me down, thanks to her..
Then back in my room, for the first time ever I felt so much like going home..
I wanted to see mama... I wanted to smell on my small heart shaped pillow.. I wanted HOME!!
argh.... Again, I have decided to sleep early on that night.. due to all contrbuting factors..
Luckily, I was fine on the next morning.. Phew..

In conclusion, during pek chek time, take a rest.. so that you can travel further..

Quotes of the day:
  • Although I am pro in sleeping during lecture, that doesnt mean I will sleep in front of my PC
  • When holding the brain, it also leaks out juice(formalin)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Happy news and bad news

Just got my Enamel and Dentine results yesterday..
Matrix no : A 122205 C+ (passed)
Matrix no : A 122205 C- (failed)

Phew.. when I looked at the result, the feeling was like going down the hill, rolling down at a slow pace.. because there were also many of my coursemates who failed.. but still, it was a fail..
I did read on it, but didnt know what went wrong, I sueh sueh failed this chapter which contribute 7.5% in my finals.. SO... I actually lost the marks.. kinda sad in the morning.. However, no one counsel me.. So I gotta counsel myself then.. I should learn to overcome bad feeling which haunt me down, because I really hate that feeling.. nearly 20 years old by now.. everything should be seen from a positive side... Especially I need to handle my emotion better..
Anyhow, I feel there is a slight improvement within myself.. I THINK..
main point was, after one lecture, then I was fine again.. Besides, I even kepo went and counsel my friends also.. ( I might have the potential to be a counsellor? who knows right?)..

Then today... another result was out.. BioChem..
A- ( feel happy for myself ) Big applause to myself for my not - very- much -effort (but dont be mistaken, there was still effort OK?) ... there was feedback from lecturers on our mini test.. and they blah blah... blah... and then there was a tragic moment after that.. Everyone rushed to the faculty and looked at their results.. BikabOOM.. there were all kinds of expressions from my coursemates.. Some of them did not perform well and they had an emotion outbreak... My heart really sank with them.. We had been through IO(informal orientation ) with them, we really had the toughest moment with the seniors, we had laugh and cries all together.. and I hope everyone of us can pass together as one .. and of course I counselled them once more... We sort of discussed the exam technique and all sorts of stuff.. and I hope I could help them out.. I really do..

hmm.. i guess i need to study for anatomy tutorial tomorrow.. NIGHT..


people can still find their happiness where i do not exist....
but i have nowhere to go...where is my happiness...

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Oh no.. what is wrong with me? for now I feel so miserable.. I don't know where to start nor what to do.. just feel so helpless.. Am I tired? Yes, mentally tired.. Am I not able to go through all these? I don't know.. I need some extra strength somewhere.. especially my mental.. it is too weak and vulnerable.. it is unable to defend attack by attack from unknown sources..
with the end of semester exam approaching, plus the pressure given by my mentor, it is like a whole new burden being placed on my shoulder.. my mentor said if you all don't start by now, you will fail.. whenever there is a self study period during class, go STRAIGHT to the library.. what was that advice? i don't think i can follow.. GO TO LIBRARY LIKE YOUR SECOND HOME??!!
I have faith in myself but at the same time I am lost in nowhere.. I know it is bullshit for me to say all these.. but I am really helpless, especially at this critical period.. When all my old friends are not on the same boat with me.. and new friends usually don't get a chance to see my miserable face ( because I usually feel miserable at home )...
Argh, just feel like having an emotional outburst!! I want to enjoy every moment I could.. with peace and do anything without pressure.. but can we live without pressure? I doubt it..
I know I need to overcome all this by myself.. I just dont have a clue right now..
May guanima will let me see the light , shining in front of me..


Friday, September 19, 2008

After a weekkkkkk....

After a week of holiday, I was back to school once more...
After two days, I had my BioChem mini tests.. ( at least I know I would pass )
After five days, I am back to my home now.. resting on sofa and blogging here..
After five days, I will have to complete BioChem tutorial, Anatomy tutorial and BioChem report..
This week I had more free time, however, I did not study much.. Sigh.. cannot find the proper mood to study, what to do?
Oh yeah.. I passed my Anatomy mini test with grade B.. Thanks god for letting me to pass..
After 11 weeks of study, for the first time in my life, I have 3 pimples together on my face..
They seem serious acne, and they show sign of inflammation.. REDNESS and BENGKAK..
After my break for a week, it is others turn to have holidays too.. starting from today.. and it lasts for 2 weeks.. That means, whole campus will be quiet for a week.. until it is my turn to holiday next week.. ( Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri )
One of my friends is having depression, hope he is alright.. just don't think too much and work out your relationship with all your coursemates.. They are important to you in 4 years time.. So, don't be alone..
For another friend, congratulation for getting B+ in Physiology and A- in Anatomy.. All the best to you in incoming exams..
Hope I can score too...
Dinner time.. Byez...

Monday, September 1, 2008

Stress out..

I often wonder.. Am I not good enough to be considered a friend? I know I am not that appealing from the appearance.. but I have always tried my best to improve on my personality.. Sometimes friends around me kinda disappear one by one upon graduation.. I don't know why.. but it just doesn't seem too right for me.. I have thought on this matter for quite some time.. I still couldn't figure out why.. Can someone enlighten me on this? I am lost.. What is friendship actually meant to everyone? Is everyone that busy until we have no time for our old friends?

I admit I am kinda inhibit person, and I kindly do not have bunch of friends out there waiting for me.. but I do treasure everyone of my friend..really.. Friends are like my mental support besides my family.. When I don't get to reach my family when I am feeling down, friends would be my place to shed my tears, hear my grudges.. and so on..

So, I hope everyone would treasure their friends also.. as you can contact your friends more often(though you might have to waste some money), ask them out for tea or even K songs with them.. Selfishness will lead you to nowhere.. so WAKE UP and START CONTACTING your friends~~