Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year

Happy chinese new year to all.

I am happy to be able to meet up with old friends. Sad that some of them are leaving Malaysia soon.
Some I don't even have the chance to meet them even once a year, poor thing.

Although we tend to run out of topic, seeing you all means a lot to me.. =)

Few more days and I have to go back to that Room-which I never had liked it before..

hmm, I am meeting another group tomorrow.. anticipating.. =)
so good night for now..

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Monday is D-day for Dental Materials mini test, and I am really struggling for it.. all the compositions, setting reactions, properties.. nevermind.

when it comes to something which concerns emotion, people will tend to have lots of mind of their own. Negative ones, bad ones. I had been through lots of ups and downs of emotional fluctuation, and of course I learnt a lot too..

when I look back the past, somehow it may be unhappy, but when you have completely released all the grudges you have been holding for so long, your heart will not ache at all.. Trust me

time really is the antidote for almost everything. but definitely not all.

well, need to do my stuff.. bye for now