Monday, November 16, 2009

Happy Birthday To me..

Thanks everyone who wished me and called me from abroad.. I was really really touched..
and most importantly I must thank my mom for giving me and loving me so much.. I love you!
Presents that I got.. Recently updated

A Charles and Keith bag from Annie, Jia Xin, Hui Yuh, Ling Vuan, Michael and Sam.

Thanks Flochi-Why for drawing this.. Thanks flochi-men, see you all in Singapore!

A key pendant

A Swatch watch

A pair of indoor slippers plus a box of hand fold stars

A photo frame from Chia Yi and Wee Kwong. SOrry that I forgot to capture a photo of it. ^^

Eggs coated with red dye

and of course my birthday cake!

together with


Thanks to Annie, Jia Xin, Hui Yuh, Michael, Sam and Jun Xiang who spent their time to celebrate with me at Shabu One Steamboat Restaurant!
attach another of my YENG photo..

wonder how my hair gets to stand like that..

ANother Hot Kiss Scene..

And lastly Happy Birthday To ME! Wishing me very best in everything I do! I hope for a better year ahead!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


2 revision classes today and it ended schooling session.
Microbiology mini test is on its way, expecting to arrive at 9am tomorrow ( if nothing obstructs its way)
Week by week passes by so soon, and 30th November is not too far from now..
Exam mode has to be tuned on(I supposed so), but my switch is still OFF..Save me..
my mind is drifting away.. nowhere near my lecture notes.. Sometimes I don't know what is happening to me.. my inner thought changes everyday, my mood swings easily, is this a sign of aging? I hope not.. 21 of age in just a few days time.. :x
I hope for a new start, a brand new me, I don't ever want to live in the past, haunted by unpleasant memories, shed my tears easily. People have to change, move forward and never look back if possible.
Thanks everyone who loves me, who dislikes me, who hates me.. You all have made changes in my life, and this is who I am now..
Suddenly the post becomes emo.. TIme to get back into Microb, stick and play around with Bacterias, Fungi and viruses..
SO long..