Thursday, November 20, 2008

great release

AFTER weeks of sufferings that I had been through, today is the day I have been waiting for~
Right after 2.30pm, right after the Oral Biology OSPE exam, that is the moment where I could flee from the pain of studying.

Ever since the raya holiday, my only one responsibility is to study study and study. Morning attend class, back in the afternoon, study.
After dinner, study again.

When nearing exam period, my time of sleep is extended to 1.00 am, then wake up at 4.30am or 5.00am to study again. *Please do not try this at home, it is not healthy at all*

Mama bought me 3 boxes of chicken essence, each box contains 6 little bottles, and I drink it everyday to keep myself awake during lecture. (but I still fall asleep sometimes)

I am starting to hate the hostel room. Especially the desk. Dont ask why.

To keep all of you updated, my finals starts on monday to thursday.

Monday- Anatomy
the theory part i should consider it to be okay, but still there are some parts which i cannot do.
the OSPE, OSPE is a practical exam, whereby there will be 30 stations in total. In each station, you will be given one minute to answer the questions being asked.
*note: the questions are directed to real cadaver or real life specimens*
and therefore, i do not do well, especially on the upper limb's nerve supply and lower limb's muscles. hope for the best .

A total disaster. cannot imagine how many marks i have lost. sorry to disappoint u, pn mariati.
nothing more to elaborate on.

the mcq are tough, while the essays are still acceptable.
oh ya,back to biochemistry. after exam, my heart totally sinks. but, after a nap, as advised by mama, i went to sleep for an hour.
after waking up, i feel better,and i realise i need to carry on for the next subject, and therefore i do not ponder too long.

Thursday- Oral Biology
the mcqs are again difficult, the essays are unexpected questions by everyone. but i manage to finish it on time.
then OSPE for oral biology, there are also 30 stations, each for 1 minute. er.. lazy to elaborate

FINALLY, all exam end~

annie, jia xin and i went to sungai wang at bukit bintang. before going there, michael told us about a restaurant named ZANG TOI, which is famous for its chocolate banana cake with ice cream topping.

at first, we did not plan to visit that outlet. however, i think it must be due to some sort of chemical attraction, we arrived in front of ZANG TOI subconciously. =.=

and so, we thought it must be some kind of "yuan fen" that we made our way there, so we sat down and ordered-- the famous CHOCOLATE BANANA CAKE WITH VANILLA ICE CREAM.
i strongly urge everyone to try it, as it was really mouth drooling, the chocolate sensation was intense, and it melted in ur mouth straight away.. and plus the banana fragrance, and the chilling vanilla ice cream, and more importantly, the chocolate cake was HOT and contrary, the ice cream was COLD, two of the elements produced a different tingling effect.. it was GREAT~

ah.. now i m back in my room, blogging without worries.. such a happy day..