Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I get to go home finally!
Time of release will be at 9am sharp tomorrow. I can't bear one more day living in this place!!
Such a relief to all of us! Finally get to see smiles from everyone.. Yippe!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Another update

According to the Star, there are six confirmed cases which originated from UKM KL.
That means, those who are living here, can never go home until this h1n1 has come to an end.
That means, we are in high risk of getting the h1n1 virus.
That means, we are keeping ourselves in and get infected.

TIll now, no further action has been taken, I don't know what they are up to, but at least, please do something for the residents in KTSN. We just don't want to wait for nothing..

Why our fate is so different from UUM and UPM students? why they got to go home and yet we have to lock ourselves in from the outside world?

I know the VITAL PART of quarantine, is to prevent the virus that might be stilll sticking to our bodies from spreading to the innocent. But is it wise to keep everyone in and put everyone at high risk in getting h1n1? aih..

Fed up..


Due to increase Influenze-like-illness cases in my campus, yesterday my campus received a temporary notification to close down for a week.
Those who are illness free ( including me ), have to stay in, so that NO VIRUS will spread to the outside world.
I cannot go home, but to stay in my room for a week!! That is tormenting!!!
I hope there's no cases of h1n1 from my campus so that everything will be back to normal.. Replacement classes will be dreadful if classes really have to be canceled for a week...
Sigh, luckily I still have my precious laptop with me.. If not I cannot imagine what awaits me for the next 6 days..
Being quarantined is not fun!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New semester..

It has been my second day back to UKM.
These two days were merely briefing on the new subjects by the lecturers.
Below are the list of subjects of Sem 1 Year 2 taken:
Dental Materials
Operative Dentistry
Oral Health
Bulan Sabit Merah Malaysia
Pengurusan Emosi

This year the schedule is really packed compared to Yr 1. LAB lab lab.. lectures lectures...
and my partner in Dental Material and Operative Dentistry is Aisyah.. Hope we can be a great pair ~

I have met some if the juniors, but not all. Hmm.. I wonder if they really take any initiative to remember seniors' faces, because they didnt even know anyone's name before approaching, it is quite sad to say that, but that is the truth.

I have been good to give advice to the girls especially on the DO's and DONT's list during approaching seniors, but then, they dont seem to comprehend. Ah.. just sad that they dont even care what was being told.

New class representative has been elected, congratulations to Michael and also to your assistant, Fasya~

Thats all for my update, I guess. Check out ! Bye!

Friday, July 3, 2009


Later in the afternoon I am going to Melaka!
Another week, I will be back to KTSN.. to endure my second year of studies..
Argh.. strange.. I dont feel too bored during this holiday, despite my ROUTINED daily activities.
I guess a person's perception really changes with years..
I am anticipated to meet my coursemates again, HOWever, the life of returning to school does not sound good to me..
9 weeks holidays is coming to an end.
Wonder what lies ahead of me, what challenges am I bound to encounter,
Will I be able to survive in one piece, Will I be a better person?

MOST importantly, I am a senior now.. with 55 juniors under me.. It feels good.. to be expecting their reactions towards Informal Orientation that is going to HAppeN once we return!

There is so much running in my mind now.. I cannot organize in sequence of what to tell first..

Oh ya, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HUAN HUAN!! only 20 years of age.. EVNY!!

A message to JUJU:
I havent out to search for the pendant... Have you seen any nice one in any outlets near your house?

Ah.. dont know what else to say..