Friday, January 22, 2010


so long never blog..
because I find that I can't express myself much in terms of words..
still the same old me, maybe I am not hardworking enough in studies..
mini tests are approaching again,
head gonna burst again,
please do give me ur support, i desperately need it now!!
the feeling at home is total warmth, and not that lonely..
today i went for contact lens fitting, it took me 2 hours leh....
looking forward for my lenses to arrive.. wohoo~ although i only wear it occasionally..
actually optometry students also very cham, they have to queue for patients early in the morning, if anyone of you would like to get a complete eye checking, please feel free to go to UKM KL optometry clinic..
If you have any problems regarding your teeth, you can also visit UKM KL dental clinic..

It is a rainy night... spare me some study mood...

I miss you ALL.. =) HAHAHA