Friday, April 24, 2009


yesterday i just finished my first professional exam for the first time..
the relief was so great that i couldn't find any words to describe it..
the hard time was about the preparation, the mental torturing, and physically due to lack of sleep and all sorts of stuff.

now, i am waiting to go home, to rest myself completely.. i definitely don't want to touch my books..

but, next tuesday, the viva list will be released. Meaning anyone score marks on the border line will need to go for an oral interview, or you may be also invited to attend for viva distinction..

anyway, i don't care for the time being, cause i am really exhausted.. now still feeling quite sleepy.. ZZzzzz

for those who are still struggling for exam, all the best.. i know exam is such a torture.. unless u tell me u like exam la.. hoho

k la.. i am very free except on 2nd of may.. cause i have BSMM exam.. hehe