Friday, January 23, 2009

happy chinese new year~


everthing must be in red, cause it is chinese new year ~
Wee~~ so happy and excited...
currently I am listening to MY FM and 988 chinese new year songs~~
you all should do so, in case you still dont feel the chinese new year mood !!

just now went steamboat with my coursemates at Setapak. To be frank, the soups was SO SO, but most importantly, all of us had fun! hehe.. we took photos like we had never taken one in a decades.. hoho...then after steamboat, we went to eat desserts... wee... very syiok~ it was like we were having reunion dinner in advance ... hahaha.... hope we will have more outings like this in the future...

and people out there, if you all are planning to go for visiting, JIO ME!!!


Wednesday, January 14, 2009


and then I stopped taking Ibuprofen.

On last Friday, whereby I was supposed to attend a BSMM camp at UKM Hutan Awam Bangi, I skipped for one day and went for second opinion about my jaw..

1st clinic
The dentist said due to I couldnt open my mouth big enough, he was unable to see my third molar position by using another type of X ray. And of course I explained to him that what Dr Safar told me-- the third molar on the ramus position. Then, he told me the tooth might be superior to the ramus or inferior to the ramus. I forgot which one had a higher risk to fracture the NECK of Mandible if oral surgery were to be done.
Given advice- use hot towel to relax my muscles
Prediction-my third molars probably wont erupt cause of my old age.. ahem
Consultation fees : RM 10

2nd clinic
The dentist checked on my mouth, and in the mean while, I also told him the same thing as in the first clinic. He said the same thing about the tooth on ramus. And then, he said
-- if the third molars were causing all these problems to my TMJ, removing them would be a wise choice
--if it wasnt the third molars problem, it might be the TMJ itself. This condition might come back in future =.=
Advice given- use hot towel to relax my muscles, dont eat too spicy food, no hard food. BETTER GO FOR MAKSILOFACIAL (which is one of the specialist field in dentistry)
Treatment- Paparin, and Metronidazole (I dont know what were they for) The dentist said, antibiotic and anti-inflammatory
Consultation fees : RM 35
p/s: my proximal wall between 1st and 2nd premolar has sign of carious. Oh my...

today I just finished the medicine.. After so many days of muscles spasm, I feel that my mouth is opening to a larger extent now.. but still, not fully open..

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


just to update on myself a bit..

last tuesday, my jaw got stuck...usually condition related to temporomandibular joint(TMJ) is dislocation..but this was not my case.

sound serious ? let me finish first..

Last Tuesday, when I was eating kuih-muih in the morning, I realised that I couldn't open my mouth to swallow that piece of kuih.. When I tried to open my mouth bigger, there I had my pain on the on my TMJ.

Without any hesitation, I went straight to my lecturer. The one who was teaching me Oral Biology, named Dr Safar. Before asking me to go register at the clinic, he printed out a set of journal on TMJ for me to read. In that journal, it stated that patients with TMJ disorder had to take Ibuprofen, 400mg, thrice a day , for a month..

Ok lor, I took the printed journal and went to the clinic to register. Then, Dr Safar came over to take me for X ray. First time I tried such X ray machine. Well, quite a new experience I guess.

Next, Dr Safar asked me to open and close my mouth for few times and then we headed to the clinic to get myself some medicine.--That Ibuprofen, if you still remember.. When I took the prescription to the counter, the nurse asked me, " what happen to you? why need to take such strong medicine? " after I explained to her, then it was my turn to ask.. "this medicine got what side effect ?" She told me every medicine also had its side effect, but since the doctor prescribed this medicine for me, she couldnt do anything also..

Back to the X-ray room, Dr Safar and I got the X ray film. There showed 4 third molars in my maxilla and mandible-- known as jaws.But, they were yet to be erupted.
Poor thing, he said my third molars on lower jaw/mandible were on RAMUS OF MANDIBLE-( if u wan to know more, ask me la). MOST IMPORTANTLY, the teeth needed to be EXTRACTED!

And.. extracting the third molars meant ORAL SURGERY!! oh my god.. during that time, I forgot what I felt.. just a bit helpless.. sigh...

TO be continued...

now, my jaw still is not back to original state yet..