Monday, March 15, 2010

I am tired.. but it seems that there is no time to rest anymore..

Saturday, March 6, 2010

A slot for me

After months of settling down, I feel much better.
When I tried to use different methods in handling stuff, it was not that tiring compared to last time.
I tried to talk less, care less, and I am much cheerful in my own way, I guess.
I cannot manipulate a situation which I don't fancy, so I will just let it happen when it should have happened.
I missed the life I had before this. Much sincere, much honest.
I cannot stop people from back-stabbing, and so I also don't wish to know when people want to back Stab me, kill me directly if you dare. Just got too fed up with all those stuff.
And now I don't mind you are a 2 faces person, just that when I am not, that worth it all.
And when you choose to switch, it is none of my matter anymore, everyone has got a choice, don't we?
When you lie about your intention, I know it, although I don't speak it out. My sixth sense has its own way out.
3 more years, I will be able to get out. My freedom and unleash myself.
You don't have to know what I am saying, because when you have faced it, then you will understand eventually.
A piece of good memory waiting to be installed into my mind will be deleted in advance due to some unwanted viruses. Those viruses are fatal. When you see viruses can be in plural, you know they can be counted distinctively.
I will never ever anticipate anything from here. Never anymore.
Have a nice day people.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Feeling rather irritating now..
I have a lot going on in my mind now..
Rm 500.. hope it is not burnt..
Tutorials.. not finish reading
ESZ day on Sunday
Bumi Hijau stuff
I m trying to sort out.. but still I lost my concentration in everything..
Hate this..