Friday, February 13, 2009



Sunday, February 8, 2009


yesterday I went to somowhere KL.. not to shop, but to get pain..
I visited maksilofacial dentist regarding my TMJ..
It was Klinik Pakar Pergigian Wong..
After reaching there, same usual registration procedure..
Then I went in for X ray..
I waited for about 10 minutes, I was being called up ... Miss Ng Hui Cheen..
Next , my mama went in with me... That dentist looked rather strict and then his mandarin was funny ... While checking my TMJ, he would say "open open open, close close close " I didnt know why he must say for three times.. hehe...
In conclusion, he said my molar teeth were inflammed because there was not enough space of the teeth to erupt.
He suggested the upper right and lower right third molar teeth to be extracted, then next week he would teach me some jaw exercise, by then i would be able to open my mouth.
Agree.. but before that, my mom asked about the charges + blah a bit I am a student of UKM..
The dentist initially a bit hesitated to answer.. Eventually he told us.. for anaesthesia, it had standard charges-RM 500, for extraction, RM 500 for two teeth, ( normally he charged at RM 500 per tooth )
Ok lo.. DEAL.. then it started..
Anaesthsia- I was put into sleep by inserting the liquid into my vein on my hand. Then I slept.
After dono for how long, I began to regain consciousness, and by that time I could feel the force of pulling the teeth out by that dentist. After a while, when I managed to open my eyes, I saw he was sealing the wound with stitches.

Lastly, payment and medicines.. RM1025 plus 4 packets of drugs to be consumed.
appointment date next saturday. need to remove stitches.
today is the second day, my face is very obviously swollen... >.< my food is only porridge and nestum... SOB.. hope i get well soon..

Monday, February 2, 2009


this was the pre-reunion steamboat dinner we had~