Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Past..

Recalling the past,
Believing anything, and
everything being told.
Was this naive?
I did not know.

Recalling the past,
I was living under a false imagination,
assuming that everything was going to be good,
things which happened was a blessed,
things turned me down,
was I naive?
I guess so.

Recalling the past,
flowers which were blooming,
suddenly wilted,
without prior notice,
I still think it was normal.
Was I dumb?
Yes, I do think so.

Recalling the past,
with all stupidity I had,
what do I have now?
nothing, but ZERO.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

sleepy day


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

midnight 2

a sign of life,
a sign of love,
a must for anatomy.

Thank you,
thank you my friends,
who dropped by,
and left their wishes.

Wishes ,
and support,
are essential,
during such moment.

Thank you,
who works hard,
for her daughter,
without groudges.

will procrastinate,
at least for now...

Monday, October 20, 2008


doing lab report.
although there has been little tiring signal from my eyes,
i dont feel like sleeping yet.
today is already monday,
a new start, a fresh week,
is it so? i do not know.

life has not been smooth lately,
mainly due to academic workload,
which pile up day by day.
eagerly waiting for the only,
and only 2 weeks break,
but before that,
a long way to reach,
can i do it?
it remains unsolved.

am i able to study?
yes, i have faith,
this is what i need to tell,
tell myself.
my goal, any hope to it?
i do not know, and
do not dare to hope,
as it is as tiny,
as the unreachable stars,
out in da universe.

late in the midnight,
my mind is clearer now,
to see through things,
which i couldnt see.
fingers crossed,
wishing everything,
will be just fine.

the almighty,
please bless me,
with the power you hold,
guide me through,
this new challenge.
i do not want to sink,
sink before trying,
sink beyond the ground.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Mood : Normal ( it doesnt fluctuate then it is considered as normal )
Brain : Currently being injected with lots of vitamin Biochemistry, but blood report still shows it
lacks of Vitamin Anatomy
Things to express :
-Always hope can be more self-motivated, kick off the crying-babies bad habit
-dont feel down too easily, emotion control is important
-mindset is important, to overcome any obstruction in life- including anything
-plus, birthday falls on exam period.. somo 2 days before exam, why so suei @.@
-hope i can know more friends through pesta angpau activity

going back to KTSN later, a place where I can only face 4 walls, 1 desk, 1 cupboard and books!

**hope i dont get old too soon**

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Dental's Family Day

Date : 11th October 2008 (Saturday)
Venue: KTSN field
Time : 7.30am to 2pm

My team : Cosmos (Rumah Hijau)
(1) Khemah design
-It all started on Friday night. Cosmos team members were "summoned" down somewhere near the field. Boys were required to do all the "pindah-pindah" stuff, while girls were had to do pom-pom(s), and all the decoration for the khemah. After a while, estimated time at about 2130, we all moved to another place- surau, to continue our things.
-Annie and I continued to tear the pom pom, so that it looked more "volumic". Consequences: our fingers were like swollen, and reddish, luckily blister didnt follow up. phew..
-IMPORTANT: friends from other Rumah(s) - Apollo, Soyuz and Skylab, could go back to their rooms and rest, the latest at 11pm. COSMOS punya orang, had to stay up until 2am! and that was the time when Annie and I left. There were still people doing after 2am.
-IN CONTRAST: The boys who had done all the "pindah-pindah" things were so relaxing down there, without having anything to do. A bit geram! so unfair!

(2) ThE DaY
-suppose all members should go down by 7.30am,but Annie and I went down at 8am. (lol)
-the khemah was --satisfying , when you had seen the other Rumah design, their designs were also so-so. (muahahaha)
-the day started off with aerobic exercise. Then, seniors continued to turn up, surprsingly, there were quite a lot of the 4th and 5th years seniors who turned up~
-IMPORTANT : Dr Safar ( the lecturer who teaches Oral Biology ) and the Dean - Prof Ghazali also attended!! Dr Safar's stretching out seemed to be a bit exaggerated, as it was a huge difference with what the instructors had shown in front.. for those of you who had witnessed it yesterday, you all would know what I meant by exaggerated. The Dean pula, busy stretching out with his camera. While senamerobik-ing, he could move and take photos of his "beloved" students.. =.=

(3)The games
-aiya, not much - basketball, volleyball, netball.. blah blah blah
-sukaneka, erm, well, COSMOS won most of the games. (proud, although we cheated) hahahaha
-IMPORTANT : VICO came and sponsored us with their drinks~

(4) The photos
-Due to the blazing sunshine, and we were too free to do anything, photo taking would be a nice choice.

from left to right: lili, lv, jia xin, annie, bee hwa, hui yin

from left to right: lili, lv, eng choon, sam, eugene

me, jia xin, annie , bee hwa, hui yin

SK, me, annie

first year with Dr Safar

Cosmos- Scott, me, annie, bernard and SK

My buddy and I- she said she didnt want her photo to be uploaded

and so.. the day ended..

Friday, October 3, 2008


just as what I have promised.. photos.. well.. there are just a few of them.. hope you all will forgive me.. +)

this was the first photo which i took with my new phone.
this pouch cost RM5
my mom-she said she liked this photo the most. ")
Me- with those two incurable pimples
teluk pulai temple-never thought it could be so nice

that's all.. ahem..

Thursday, October 2, 2008

nothing much but still there is a little

hmm.. nothing much to update..
Yesterday I tried mind-mapping with all my "equipments" ready.
Erm, results- not bad satisfying
Real results -need to be assessed by Pn Mariati
Things to be done by this week
  • BSMM presentation slide
  • PDL presentation slide
  • Whole bunch of revision awaiting
  • Half-way done Oral Biology practical
  • Things which I couldnt remember