Monday, January 24, 2011

fake world

when everything appears to be so superficial, you can't help but to feel a sense of disgust.
when everyday has to be the same old routine, you can't help but to stop yourself from puking.
when you has always become the topic of discussion of others, you might wonder- am i too good or am i too bad?
when you have no one to understand the struggle within you, you can't help but to feel pathetic.
when you started to doubt yourself, who else out there can give you a sense of security?
you look back at your own reflection in the mirror, starting to feel that this image is sort of unknown, who is that which lies within?
when you are stuck in a stuffy environment, and you hardly can breath, but you still hang on, because there is no door for you to escape.
when you are so badly damaged by the poisonous arrows, you believe you can heal by your own.
in the end, you end up with fibrosis.
you started to not believe in anything you see or listen.
you started to lose confidence in each encounter.
you feel like you have lost the battle, but in fact, you know you have won.
you have lots of thoughts within, but you can't possibly make it right.
everything seems to be scattered. unsynchronized.
you almost forget what have you been previously.
the urge to get out is so great, but you never gonna achieve it so soon.
you know what is the path, somehow.. you deny it.
you hypnotize yourself, but it can't change a thing.
how you wish your world is all by you alone. nothing interferes with the progress.
this is a fake world.
the end

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YunYun said...

Chill la hui cheen.. Stay positive and proactive k.. I rather believe: We are emptied to be filled in more :) Btw, just a little update on my new URL that might interest u: sunshineandthegirl.blogspot =) Take care k, im here for a chat always :D