Tuesday, January 25, 2011

chinese new year is coming.
not much of anticipation actually.
things have changed a lot. the current is nothing compared to the past.
people are too materialistic, calculative, and self-centered.
the meaning behind chinese new year has long gone with the wind.
the faces that i wished for will only remain as a memory.
i do not know what lies ahead.
it seems to be unpredictable, vague and blurry.
i hope for a better year, with peace and prosperity.
i pray for good health, for everyone around me.
i wish for a more critical-thinking-mind.
i ask for a higher EQ management.
wish that i will be blessed with rings of luck~~
happy chinese new year in advance~


Hui Leng said...

happy chinese new year!! may all your wishes come true^^ be happy always and healthy

stupid monk said...

ur blog template looks like cny but at the same time a bit horror too.. haha..

sumtime the world is not enuf for us to be fair and kind to all mankind, but that is the fact that we can accept it and see the beautiful side of the world... such as...

F.R.I.E.N.D.S like us~